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545 Epoxy Primer Gray Base D1001 QT
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545 Epoxy Primer Gray Base D1001 QT
Price: $61.90
Sale Price: $39.99

545 Epoxy Primer is a multi-use epoxy primer used to seal filler primers and fairing work before applying topcoats. For use above and below the waterline.

Surface Preparation
Aluminum: Sandblast or grind to 100% clean silver color or treat with Alumiprep 33/Alodine 1201/
Steel: Sandblast/grind SSPC-SP5-85 or Sa 2 1/2. Gelcoat/Fiberglass: Sand with 100-150 grit paper.
Wood: Smooth sand with 80-100 grit paper.

Theoretical Coverage: 497 Sq feet/gallon at one mil dry (25 microns) 165-248 Sq. Feet at recommended dry film thickness. Calculated based on a theoretical transfer efficiency of 100%.

Mixing and Reduction:
This is a two part system. You must order the base primer in either gray or white along with the D3001 Converter in the appropriate size. The mix ratio is 1:1 so if you purchase 1 quart of primer you also need 1 quart of converter for a total of 2 quarts. Additionally you need to purchase the appropriate reducer (spray or brush) for spraying reduce up to 25% with T0006 and for brushing reduce up to 10% with T0031.

Spray: Mix by volume one part 545 base with one part D3001 to a smooth homogenous mixture. Reduce up to 25% with T0006. Overall mix is 1:1 1/2 by volume. Example: 8 oz 545 base, 8 oz D3001, 4 oz T0006.

Brush/Roll: Reduce 5-10% with T0031. Below 75 F you may use Cold Cure Accelerator M3066 to maintain dry and cure times. Anticipated Pot life at 77 F and 50% relative humidity is 16 hours.

Spray Application: Apply smooth, wet coats to fill and cover surface profile. Two to 3 may be needed at 5 - 6.5 mils WFT yielding 2-3 mils DFT.

Brush and Roller Application: Apply 2 coats at 3-4 mils WFT yielding 1.0 - 1.5 DFT per coat. Allow 12-14 hrs between coats. Light sanding between coats will improve appearance. For large surfaces rolling, then tipping with a brush is preferred. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces warmer than 105 F or colder than 55 F. Do not attempt to cure products at temperatures below 55 F.

Note: Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 3 C or 5 F above dew point or to surfaces warmer than 41 C or 105 F. Ambient temp should be a minimum 13 C / 55 F and max 41 C or 105 F.

545 Technical Data

Product Details
Manufacturer: Awlgrip
Product SKU: AWL-D1001/1QT

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