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Aquabotix HydroView Sport Remote Operated Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport Remote Operated Camera
Price: $4299.00
Sale Price: $4,050.80
Part #: 01-01-01-00001

HydroView is a light-weight, remote operated underwater vehicle with a high definition video camera and LED lights. See the underwater world through live video, capture still shots, upload recorded images to social media sites, and navigate through the water using your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or laptop. HydroView is a fun, safe way to see marine life in its natural environment, look for underwater relics or find possessions that fell off a dock or a boat. The HydroView is a must-have tool for boaters to inspect the bottom of the boat, check on anchor setting or mooring, and check out underwater environments that may damage your watercraft.
What will you view?

HydroView Design
HydroView's design is inspired by nature. The Aquabotix engineers studied the movements of marine life and blended that knowledge with the latest technology in flight. The result? An innovative vehicle that flies in the underwater world.The HydroView's sleek design packs sophisticated robotics, built-in energy efficient lights and an HD camera into a submersible vehicle that is the size of a typical backpack. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the HydroView offers the latest technology in an incredibly portable and affordable package.

HydroView Interaction
Control your HydroView with your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or laptop. Aquabotix uses innovative new technology to translate the movements that you make with your control device into underwater action. Simply tilt the screen of your smart device in the direction that you want HydroView to go and the vehicle will respond. Tilt the screen to the left and the vehicle moves left, tilt the screen forward and the vehicle dives down, and so on. You may also drive the vehicle using your laptop's touchpad.
The simple onscreen display makes it easy to control speed the HydroView's functions. The HydroView is so fun to drive and simple to use that it's easy to forget that the live underwater video feed you see is not right in front of you!

Product Details
Manufacturer: Aquabotix
Product SKU: CWR-44544

Reverse Image = NONE | Waterproof Rating = Submersible
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