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AWLSPAR Spar Varnish M3131
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AWLSPAR Spar Varnish M3131
Price: $51.28
Sale Price: $45.31
Awl-Spar Classic Spar Varnish is the highest quality classic spar varnish with state of the art ultraviolet inhibitors and absorbers used for brightwork protection against water and weather. It has excellent durability, and is fast dry, fast recoat for quick build up. For above waterline use only.

The classic varnish with excellent durability. Specifically formulated to create the highest quality of varnish. Apply 2 to 3 coats per day when temperatures are above 75øF. Excellent recoatability. Designed for brightwork where its tough, high gloss film helps protect against water and weather. Do not use below the waterline. Apply by brush or spray.

Surface Preparation
The wood should be clean, dry, smooth, and well seasoned.
New Wood: Use of a marine teak cleaner or wood bleach is advised on new wood to remove excess oils, promote color uniformity, and adhesion. Follow manufacturer?s instructions for use and thoroughly remove all cleaner and neutralizer residue before proceeding. Rough sawn lumber must receive heavy sanding to level the grain. Work through the grits to effectively level the grain 60/80 to 100/150 to 220 and so on. When the grain is level, smooth sand the surface with 320 grit paper.

Old finishes in good condition should be washed with AWL-PREP Surface Cleaner, then sanded with 220-320 grit paper to remove the gloss. Old finishes in poor condition should be removed. Test on a small area to make sure AWLSPAR doesn't attack the old finish. If old finish is attacked, it must be completely removed.

Note: Due to the wide variety of substrates, surface preparations, application methods and environments, customers should test the complete system for adhesion and compatibility under their conditions prior to full scale application.

Mixing and Reduction
New Wood Reduction: When finishing new wood reduce 100% (1 part M3131 to 1 part T0016 by volume) with T0016 for first coat only. This will allow the AWLSPAR to penetrate and seal the grain. For spray application reduce between 50-100% with T0180. Subsequent coats should be applied with 25% reduction (T0180). Brush application: thinning or reduction is not normally required (after the first coat). If desired, reduce up to 20% with T0016. Stir only do not shake! Induction Time after Mixing: N/A Anticipated Pot Life at 77øF, 50% RH: N/A

Application Instructions
Awlspar Classic Spar Varnish can be used to seal wood and build up a complete finishing system. Alternatively, Awlbrite Quik-Fil Clear J3901/J3902 is a clear, fast drying wood grain filler that can be used to seal the wood prior to finishing with Awlspar M3131 (4-6 coats). See the relevant product datasheets for details.
After new wood has been sealed, or on previously coated surfaces, apply light, smooth, even coats (2-3 mils wet) of full bodied material. At temperatures above 75øF, 2 to 3 coats can be applied per day. If sanding is required, allow to cure 24 hours before sanding. Best results are achieved when surface is sanded smooth with 320 -400 grit paper after every 2 to 3 coats. If building M3131 as a stand alone coating, repeat this process until the grain is filled and covered, 7-10 coats may be needed. Exact number of coats needed will vary by applied film thickness, the amount of sanding and type of wood. For the traditionalists the Ultimate Brightwork System offers excellent performance longevity: Use Awlspar M3131 to seal and provide some color to the bare wood. Apply 2-3 smooth coats. Leave to dry for 72hrs minimum at constant temperature of 75§/25§C. In colder temperatures leave up to 7-10 days before finishing with Awlbrite Clear Urethane (available in full gloss or semi gloss finish). See the application guide and/or your Awlgrip representative for further choice in systems.

AWLSPAR will cure at temperatures as low as 45øF; h owever, best results are achieved when temperatures are between 60øF and 90øF.

If possible avoid applying or curing the material in direct sunlight. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces warmer than 105øF or colder than 45øF. Do not attempt to cure products at tempe ratures below 45øF.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Awlgrip
Product SKU: AWL-M3131

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