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Bennett DVD - Coastal Piloting: Everything You Need To Know
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Bennett DVD - Coastal Piloting: Everything You Need To Know
Price: $43.50
Everything you need to know to navigate within sight of land.

This program is equivalent to a six-week evening course in Coastal Navigation, as given by various boating organizations.

After covering the Rules of the Road, Sound Signals and the "Pecking Order" for right-of-way at sea, different types of navigation (electronic, dead reckoning, celestial, coastal) skipper Gene Grossman goes into how to read a chart, with a discussion about latitude, longitude, nautical miles, scale, and how to use it all for charting purposes, including proper use of the parallel ruler and dividers.

Next is the difference between the 3 "Norths," and how to handle compass correction (TVMDC). Then, some thorough treatments of plotting, the running fix, chart notation, speed-time-distance problems, bow bearings, beam bearings, using an RDF and beacons, fathom curves, current diagrams, aids to navigation, estimated position, 6 main rules of dead reckoning and some test questions to see how you can handle what you were taught.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Bennett Marine Video
Product SKU: CWR-25870

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