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Bennett DVD - Radar Navigation & Collision Avoidance
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Bennett DVD - Radar Navigation & Collision Avoidance
Price: $31.16
Radar Navigation & Collision Avoidance

A home-study course and practical guide to radar observing techniques for the pleasure boat skipper and light commercial vessel captain. The invention of marine radar was a major contribution towards safer navigation. Casual radar observation often leads to misinterpretation of radar information, which has been the direct cause of major and minor marine casualties. Without understanding and applying the principles of relative motion, it is nearly impossible to correctly analyze a traffic situation on radar. Assumptions, guesswork and confusion are often the end result, which combined with low visibility and speed is courting with disaster. Doubts, guesswork and assumptions simply don't belong on the bridge of any vessel, including small craft. Although there are thousands of radars in use aboard pleasure craft and light commercial vessels, no serious attempt has ever been made to introduce proper radar observation procedures and techniques to those who are responsible for the safe operation of those vessels. The main design criteria for this production was to provide the small to medium size commercial vessel captain and pleasure craft skipper, who are not required by law to demonstrate proficiency in radar observation, with a convenient home-study and reference material package, covering all aspects of practical radar observing and plotting procedures for their specific needs. Adding a sound knowledge of radar observer skills to your bag of nautical tricks will add a new dimension of pleasure to your boating and increase the safety afloat for all who share the water with you.

104 min

Product Details
Manufacturer: Bennett Marine Video
Product SKU: CWR-30509

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