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Black Gelcoat
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Black Gelcoat
Wax Additive (Included):
MEKP Hardener (Included):
Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $60.99

Sea Hawk Black Gel Coat that is marine grade and easy to apply for the Do-It-Yourselfer, and superior leveling and air release for the professional. This premium black gel coat finish is designed to give excellent protection against varying weather conditions and UV light while retaining gloss and color. This marine grade gelcoat is based on isophthalic-neopentyl glycol (ISO/NPG) polyester resin providing a non-run, non-sag formulation of flexible polyester resins to produce resiliency and toughness. May be used to patch, re-gelcoat, or new application. Common gelcoat uses include boats, RV's, showers, tubs, pools, and more.

MEKP Catalyst and Wax Additive sanding aid included with each purchase. (Quart includes 14CC MEKp Catalyst, 1 oz Wax Additive; Gallon includes with 40CC MEKp Catalyst, 4 oz Wax Additive.)
Applied in a thickness of 16-20 mils, which gives it depth to survive considerable water sanding, compounding and repolishing. Gel-Coat has great cosmetic and protective life expectancy and will keep the surface shining like new for years. For smaller jobs, add a wax additive as a sanding aid to make a resilient, isophthalic polyester coating that does not require PVA or other air-inhibitors to cure to a hard surface. Used to fill gouges, chips, scrapes and deep scratches in fiberglass gel coat finishes.

When to use a Wax Additive Sanding Aid:

If you are planning a doing a small repairs, or overcoating gel coat, you should use the wax additive sanding aid. The wax allows the Black Gel Coat to harden so that is may be sanded and buffed. This is considered a Finish Gelcoat since the wax additive will rise to the surface and will not require PVA or other air-inhibitors to cure to a hard surface.

If you are fabricating with fiberglass and black gel coat, or plan on applying another coat of gelcoat then you should not use the wax additive: The gel coat will not harden and allow for the fiberglass and gel coat to bond while being in a mold. You will then need to add a surface treatment to the gel coat so that it will harden, such as
PVA or other air inhibitors such as a mold release agent. Or add the wax additive into the gel coat on the last coat.

Stir container thoroughly before using. Do Not Over Mix.
MEKp (catalyst ratio)
mekp catalyst ratio
Gel Coat will begin to gel in approximately 10-17 minutes at 77 F. In warmer temperatures (90 F) reduce MEKP Catalyst (not less than 1.2%). In cooler temperatures (60 F) increase MEKP Catalyst up to 3%. Gelcoat may not thoroughly cure if applied in temperatures below 60 F.
Note: This time element is dependent on material temperature, room temperature, humidity, air movement, and catalyst concentration. Gelcoat should not be used when temperature conditions are below 60°F, as curing may be adversely affected.

TIP: For great high gloss, after your application wet sand with various grits and then buff with 3m Rubbing Compound, and then polish with 3m Marine Finesse It II Glaze. See more tips in our How To Section "Gelcoat Application".

Click Here for Manufacturer MSDS.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Sea Hawk Paints
Product SKU: SH-NPG2017


Sizes: Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon Pail

Finish/Sheen: Gloss

Shipping Weight: 9-11 Lbs./Gal. (Depending on Color)
Flash Point: 82-88° F
VOC: 35-42%
Typical Film Thickness: 18 ±2 mils.
Catalyst Level (MEKP): 1.2% Minimum - 3.0% Maximum

Gel Time at 1.8% MEKP Catalyst @ 77°F: 10-17 minutes

Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 48-52 Sq.Ft./Gal. @ typical film thickness

Thinning: If necessary, maximum 10% Sea Hawk 7125 MEK Gelcoat Thinner. Do not thin when using Patch Aid 8185

Clean Up: Acetone or Sea Hawk 7125 MEK Gelcoat Thinner

Storage: Avoid prolonged exposure at temperatures above 85°F and to direct sunlight. Increased storage temperatures will negatively effect shelf life. Store in a cool place.

Shelf Life: 120 Days when stored under cool, dry conditions.


MSDS - Gelcoat

Click Here for Sea Hawk Gel Coat Technical Data Sheet.



Gel Coat Preparation
Stir container thoroughly before using. Add any additives such as Sea Hawk 7125 MEK Gelcoat Thinner., Sea Hawk Patch Aid 8185: or colorants (tints) prior to catalyzing with MEKP Catalyzer.


Clean surface with Sea Hawk Wax N Grease Killer. All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease, wax, oil, and other foreign matter. All surfaces must be sanded. Do not apply directly over paint.

Best when applied by spray. Gelcoat delivery rate of no more than 2.5 pounds per minute with conventional air atomized spray, and no more than 4 pounds per minute with airless equipment. Spray: Airless or Conventional: 2.0-2.5 orifice tip. Use ES Manufacturing Gelcoat Spray Gun G830, ES-G100, or equivalent.

Brush/Rolling: (For smaller repairs /applications only) Solvent Resistant Roller Cover 3/16" pile (nap), smooth to medium. Prewash roller cover to remove loose fibers prior to use. Spraying recommended.

Patch Aid 8185: Add 25-33% Sea Hawk Patch Aid 8185 when applying gelcoat for small repairs, to improve the working properties of traditional gelcoat spray patches.

Wax Additive: Do not add wax additive if using Patch Aid. Patch Aid already contains a wax additive. If not using Sea Hawk 8185 Patch Aid, then you may add up to 4oz of Sea Hawk 8140 Wax Additive per gallon for tack free surface on final coat.

Tinting: Sea Hawk Gelcoat may be tinted using Sea Hawk colorants designed for use in Sea Hawk resins and gel coats. Do not use more than 1 oz tint per quart.

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