Aquaguard Vs. Monterey by Sea Hawk

Monterey Bottom Paint Rated for 24+ Months over Aquaguard Bottom Paint!

  • Longer Lasting Performance than Aquaguard! Monterey is a Multi-Season Bottom Paint! 
  • Made in the USA with USA Premium Grade Raw Materials
  • Lower VOC Means More Friendly Application! 
  • More Copper (Monterey has over TWICE AS MUCH COPPER as Aquaguard (55% Vs. 26% for Aquaguard) 
  • Proven Premium Performance in All Waters!  
  • Compatible with Aquaguard (You can apply Monterey over the top of Aquaguard without any additional steps!) 
  • Rated by Practical Sailor for 24+ Month Bottom Paint Protection
  • Monterey Has a One-Year Written Guarantee Against Barnacles! 
  • Apply Directly over Aquaguard or any other Bottom Paint and Receive…

                    1 Year Written Guarantee Against Barnacle Growth!

    Image Provided by Sea Hawk Paints

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