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Boat Blister Repair

Just because a blister or two develops on your boat it is not a serious issue and only a small number of boats develop a big problem with blisters. Needed materials: Acetone, sanding block, Hawk Filler, acid safe disposable brushes … Continue reading

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Which Resin Should I Choose?

Choosing the right resin depends on the type of project you are tackling. Listed below are the most common types of resins¬†are their intended uses: Polyester Resin: Polyester resins are unsaturated resins that are combined with hardeners, such as MEKP. … Continue reading

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How to use a Fiberglass Repair Kit

A hole in your fiberglass looks bad and can lead to water damage but it can be repaired with patience. Fiberglass is a strong material that will bond to almost any surface if prepared. It is applied by cutting the … Continue reading

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