What is the Best Bottom Paint Money Can Buy?

Best Bottom Paint

Best Performing Bottom Paint

For fiberglass boats, the best bottom paint is Biocop TF with Bioboost which is a bottom paint additive for extra algae protection. This provides you the absolute maximum protection against hard and soft growth on the bottom of your boat. This solution is recommended for high growth areas, or if you are trying to goes as long as you possibly can between bottom jobs.

The best bottom paint for an aluminum boat or pontoons is Smart Solution, it is copper free and safe for aluminum. If the aluminum has never been painted the best practice is to prime with Tuff Stuff to insure good adhesion and protect against corrosion.

The suggested best bottom paint for the running gear and outdrives is Smart Solution. (quart size).  You can use the Outboard & Outdrive Primer spray for priming the area before application of bottom paint. If there is already a bottom paint on your running gear, just scuff sand and paint!

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