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Duralux Yacht Primer, Gallon
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Duralux Yacht Primer, Gallon
Price: $62.99
Sale Price: $49.99

Duralux Yacht Primer is made specifically to seal new pre-primed yacht finishes. Its fast drying property allows two-coat work in one day. Use of this primer on bare wood will greatly reduce blistering no matter what is used on subsequent coats. Yacht Primer dries almost flat to produce the proper surface for the finish coat. It seals the surface well and minimizes any chances of the finish coat being non-uniform and spotty. To be used as a wood primer with Duralux Enamels,


Package Viscosity @ 77*F: 83-87 Kreb Units
Weight per Gallon(US): 10.82
% Solids by Weight: 66.58
% Solids by Volume: 44.05
Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 1-1.5 Mils
VOC: Maximum 3.8 # per. gallon
Method of Application: Brush, Roller or Spray
Application Viscosity @ 77 *F: 85 Kreb Units
Theoretic Spreading Rate @ IMDFT: 400-500 square feet per gallon
Dry Time: To touch - 4 hours, Recoat 8 hours minimum
Thinner: M650 Paint Thinner
Reduction Ratio: Use as little thinner as possible.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface should be dry and free of all dirt and grease. If old paint is peeling, remove scales by scraping and wire brushing. Sand edges of peeled spots. Putty nail holes after first coat.
APPLICATION: Use brush, spray or roller. Stir enamel primer thoroughly before using.
Unpainted Surfaces: Be sure the surface is completely dry. Use Yacht Primer as it comes from the can. Apply a full coat and do not brush to thin. Putty nail holes after the primer is dry.
Painted Surfaces: Spot all bare wood spots with Yacht Primer and follow with Duralux Enamel finish coat.
Special: On badly weathered wood where the old paint is scaly or dusty, add
one quart of linseed oil to each gallon.
Thinning: Never add linseed oil or driers to Duralux Yacht Primer except as above. If any thinning is necessary, use as little as possible.
Theoretical Coverage: 400-500 square feet depending on surface condition.
Drying Time: Four hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
Clean Up: Clean equipment with 650M Paint Thinner after use.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Duralux Marine Paints
Product SKU: DUR-M741GL

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