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Floor Grip Non-Skid Paint
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Floor Grip Non-Skid Paint
Price: $124.95
Sale Price: $114.98
Floor-Grip (SM-222) non-skid paint is something you won't find anywhere else! It's a rock-hard non slip marine coating that features three different sizes of aggregate added to the durable industrial-marine alkyd base to produce an attractive finish sure to get attention. Floor-Grip non-skid paint creates a beautiful non-slip marine surface unlike anything you have seen before. Boaters, fishermen, major hotel chains, public pools, and businesses love it because it improves safety, lowers liability and produces a very attractive finish that is tough enough to meet the demands of high traffic and easy enough to walk on with bare feet.

Floor-Grip non skid paint saves work and time because it eliminates the need for mixing multiple components together and may be applied to may surfaces without the need for primer. It produces a beautiful surface that adds texture and is resistant to color fade, abrasion and the effects of ponding water. It will fill and seal small cracks. It is considerably harder, more durable and longer lasting than typical non slip coatings. It adheres to most any surface including steel, concrete, asphalt, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and masonry while providing a durable non-skid surface that has superior resistance to abrasion, marring, chipping and cracking. Not recommended for: (See SM-333 Posi-Trak for wood applications). Not for continual immersion service. Available in one gallon containers. Colors, excluding white and clear, are considered custom and therefore non-returnable.

·Pre-mixed non-skid aggregates saves work and time.
·Acceptable for use in marine environments.
·Features three different sizes of aggregates.
·Produces an exceptionally hard impact and scuff resistant finish.
·Maintains its color and gloss without chalking yellowing or fading.
·Resists cracking and peeling.
·Provides superior adhesion, hardness and durability.
·Easy application; just brush or roll it on.

Note: Darker Colors containing MT in the part number are an additional $15 which is displayed after choosing that color. Safety colors SC in the part number are an additional $20 which is displayed after choosing Safety colors. 

Shipping: Ships within 2-4 days of order. 

  mono epoxy color chart

Product Details
Manufacturer: Supermarine Paint
Product SKU: SM-222-G

Stats: Covers 50-75 square feet per gallon to achieve the desired 25-30 mil dry film thickness. Easy application, brush or roll it on depending on surface and specific application requirements. Best when applied with a texture roller cover as seen on our supplies page. Dry to the touch in 30 minutes-1 hour. Available in 90 non skid paint colors.

Recommended preparation: For best results remove old paint, loose scale, grease, oil and contaminates. Sand, grind, bead blast or power-wash prior to the application of any cleaner or primer.

Etch Concrete, fiberglass and aluminum with SM-695 Etching Cleaner.

When painting cement, wood or coating concrete, surfaces must be thoroughly dry before application.

Recommended primers:

Porous concrete & masonry -None.

Glazed tile, fiberglass, aluminum and composite materials- SM-664D Etching Primer.

Thin & clean up: SM-605 Thinner.


This information has been prepared for use with SM-222 Floor Grip non-skid paint on properly prepared surfaces including concrete floors, aluminum, steel and fiberglass. Floor Grip non skid paint produces a high performance, high build slip resistant paint finish. Be sure to add the catalyst Part B that comes with the non skid paint to insure proper cure times. Allow new concrete to cure 28 days or more before application. All floor applications will require the removal of grease, oil, glue and contaminates and the use of SM-695 Etching Cleaner. Floor Grip anti slip paint is self priming on concrete, however, primer is definitely beneficial. Always primer fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Sanding, blasting or grinding is always beneficial but not required where surface conditions permit. For best results remove existing coatings or sealers. All written and verbal directions, label instructions and standard industry practices must be strictly followed.

1. PREPARATION: Use TSP or similar degreaser to remove stubborn oil or grease rinsing thoroughly. Power-washing, sanding or blasting is recommended but not required on thoroughly clean well prepared surfaces where circumstances permit. Mix SM-695 Etching Cleaner on a 1:1 Basis with water, pour on pre-wet surface, broom in or squeegee area for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water.

2. ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY: Wait at least 48 hours or test for moisture to ensure dryness. IMPORTANT: Wait until surface is thoroughly dry before moving forward. PH testing is recommended where there is effervescence or other evidence of corruption.

3. PRIME: Aluminum, fiberglass, steel use SM-664D Etching Primer for best results. For concrete use SM-664D Etching Primer or SM-7390 Epoxy Primer. Following label directions stir thoroughly before application. Apply evenly avoiding heavy build up. Allow SM-664 Etching Primer to dry 2-48 hours before over-coating, SM-7390 Epoxy Primer over coat in 12-48 hours or sand between coats.

4. MIX: Floor Grip anti skid paint can be difficult to mix. Begin by using a stiff wooden stick to scrape the contents of the container away from the edges and bottom. Use the stick to stir and break up any lumps. Use a high speed mixer for 2 minutes to suspend the aggregates.

5. APPLY FLOOR GRIP ANTI SKID PAINT: Stir thoroughly before application. Dilute with SM-605 Thinner only as needed depending on temperature and other application circumstances. Floor Grip thins quickly so you will want to use SM-605 Thinner sparingly. Floor Grip may be brushed or rolled out with a stipple or carpet roller cover. Hand brush the edges then roll coat the remaining area. Best results will be obtained by using a stipple roller cover. Apply evenly avoiding heavy build up, ponding up and heavy overlaps. Recommended WFT (Wet Film Thickness) is 25-30 mils. First coat is recoatable in 12-48 hours.

Do not allow moisture for a minimum of 48 hours. Let stand 24-48 hours before allowing foot traffic on the new surface and 5 days before allowing motorized traffic. Actual times may vary with weather and other variables.

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