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Interlux Brightside Polyurethane
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Interlux Brightside Polyurethane
Price: $61.95
Sale Price: $36.99

Brightside Polyurethane is the most technically advanced one-part polyurethane available. Brightside uses Polyflow 4000, a unique polyurethane resin, which yields excellent flow and leveling characteristics as well as incredible abrasion and chemical resistance. Brightside also takes advantage of the latest in ultraviolet technology which insures longer color and gloss retention. Together these technologies create a one-part polyurethane which gives the look of a two-part polyurethane with the application ease of a one-part enamel.

  • Hard, high gloss one part polyurethane finish
  • With Fluro Microadditive for easy cleaning, resistance to staining and added abrasion resistance
  • Range of bright, crisp colors


Blue Glo White
Off White
Matterhorn White
Seattle Grey
Kingston Grey
Steel Grey
Light Blue
Medium Blue
Largo Blue
Ocean Blue
Sapphire Blue
Dark Blue
Sea Green
Sundown Buff
Grand Banks Beige
Bristol Beige
Hatt. Off White
Hatt. Off White
Fire Red
Flag Blue


Product Details
Manufacturer: Interlux
Product SKU: INT-4000


Number of Coats: 2 minimum
Coverage (Theoretical) - 550 ft²/gal by brush, 440 ft²/gal by spray
Recommended DFT: 1.2 mils dry
Application Methods: Airless Spray, Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray - Pressure Pot or Siphon Cup

Brush - Brushing Liquid 333.
Spray - Special Thinner 216.
*Thin if necessary with Brushing Liquid 333 to improve brushing characteristics.
Bare Fiberglass - Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601V.
Epoxy - Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601V.

Ventilation and Humidity Control It is best to paint on warm, dry mornings. Cold weather retards the drying and humidity can spoil the gloss.
Airless Spray Pressure: 170 bar/2500 psi. Tip Size: 0.33-0.41 mm/13-16 thou.
Conventional Spray Pressure Pot: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi (gun pressure); 8-10 psi (pot pressure). Tip Size: 0.89-1.4 mm/35-50 thou.
Siphon Cup: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi - gun pressure. Tip Size: 1.5-1.8 mm/60-70 thou.
Other When spraying Brightside® Polyurethane be sure to follow dry times. Do not apply tack or mist coats. Apply only one coat per day. Spray pressures listed are recommendations only. The applicator may use any settings which yield the best results for the individual spraying technique and current weather conditions. Brightside® Polyurethane is best applied in thin coats.
Some Important Points Do not apply heavy coats as this will affect dry through. Failure to follow proper dry times carefully will cause improper drying, wrinkling and loss of adhesion. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Product temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 29°C/85°F. Ambient temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 35°C/95°F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 29°C/85°F.


In Good Condition Begin by scrubbing well using soap and water and a stiff brush. Rinse with fresh water. Remove wax and other contaminants using either Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202. Sand with 220-320 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue.
In Poor Condition Clean as above. Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Apply Pre-Kote.

BARE WOOD: Sand surface with 180-220 grade (grit) paper, wipe clean. Apply Pre-Kote. Sand surface with 220 grade (grit) paper, wipe clean.

BARE METAL: Sandblast or grind, remove sanding residue. Immediately apply Interprotect 2000E thinned 15% with Interlux Solvent 2316N. When the Interprotect is thumb-print tacky apply one coat of Epoxy Primekote 404/414. Sand with 220 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue.

CLEAR EPOXY: After the epoxy has cured, remove any amine blush by scrubbing well using soap and water, and a stiff brush, or by using Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601V. Rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue. Apply one coat of Epoxy Primekote 404/414.

PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: The surface must be clean and dry. Sand with 220-320 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue.

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