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Interlux Goldspar Satin Varnish
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Interlux Goldspar Satin Varnish
Price: $26.99
Sale Price: $21.99
Interlux Goldspar Satin Varnish is a modified polyurethane low luster varnish designed for application to interior wood surfaces. It produces a warm, rich satin sheen finish that resists scratches and stains and applies easily enough to yield truly professional results by either brush or spray. Interlux Goldspar Satin Varnish 60 is ideal anywhere a low luster finish is desired such as cabin soles, cabinets, counters and tables. Interlux Goldspar Satin Varnish 60 can also be used for home interior finishes.


Product Details
Manufacturer: Interlux
Product SKU: INT-60



BARE WOOD Sand with 80 grade (grit) paper. Wipe with Brushing Liquid 333. Apply sealer coat of varnish reduced 10% with Interlux Brushing Liquid 333.


In Good Condition Sand surface with 120-150 grade (grit) paper and remove all dust.
In Poor Condition If varnish is badly checked or peeling, remove finish to bare wood with Interstrip Semi-Paste 299E. Follow directions for varnishing bare wood.
Method Apply at least 5-6 coats on bare wood and a minimum of 3 coats on previously varnished surfaces until a satisfactory finish is obtained. Sand between each coat with 220 grade (grit) paper. Remove sanding residue with a rag dampened with Brushing Liquid 333.

Thinner Brush - Interlux Brushing Liquid 333. Spray - Interlux Special Thinner 216.
Cleaner Bare Wood - Special Thinner 216.
Ventilation and Humidity Control It is best to paint on warm, dry mornings. Cold weather retards the drying and humidity can spoil the gloss. Be sure to have good ventilation when applying Rubbed Effect and through its drying time.
Airless Spray Pressure: 170 bar/2500 psi. Tip Size: 0.33-0.41 mm/13-16 thou.
Conventional Spray Pressure Pot: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi (gun pressure); 8-10 psi (pot pressure). Tip Size: 1.0-1.4 mm/40-50 thou. Siphon Cup: Pressure: 3.44-4.47 bar/50-65 psi - gun pressure. Tip Size: 1.5-1.8 mm/60-70 thou.
Brush Always use a clean brush that is kept specifically for varnishing. Clean brushes before use.
Roller If rolling, use a thin nap roller and "tip-off" with a clean natural bristle brush.
Other Spray pressures listed are recommendations only. The applicator may use any settings which yield the best results for the individual spraying technique and current weather conditions. To enhance appearance of the bare wood and fill porous open grain, apply Interstain according to label directions and allow to dry overnight.
Some Important Points Excessive wet film thickness (more than 5 mils WFT) may result in poor and uneven gloss. Never leave bare wood exposed for long periods of time as it will absorb moisture. Avoid using Goldspar Satin* straight from the can as this will cause it to age prematurely and may introduce contamination to the can. Failure to follow proper dry times carefully will cause improper drying, wrinkling and loss of adhesion. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Product temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 29°C/85°F. Ambient temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 35°C/95° F. Substrate temperature should be minimum 10°C/50°F and maximum 29°C/85°F.
Compatibility/Substrates Apply to clean, dry, properly prepared surfaces only. Goldspar Satin* can be applied over any varnish as long as it is adhered well and has been cleaned and sanded. Do not apply two part varnishes over Goldspar Satin*.
Number of Coats At least 5-6 coatsBare Wood: Thin first coat 10%
Coverage (Theoretical) - 468.2 ft²/gal (Practical) - 419.3 ft²/gal by brush, 351.2 (ft²/Gal) by spray
Application Methods Airless Spray, Brush, Conventional Spray, Roller- Pressure Pot or Siphon Cup

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