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Mono Epoxy Primer-SM-787
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Mono Epoxy Primer-SM-787
Price: $54.95
Sale Price: $43.96
Shipping: Ships within 2-4 days of order.Supermarine Mono-Coat Epoxy Primer (SM-787) is a one of a kind single component oxygen cured epoxy primer that is without peer in the marketplace. It has quickly become a favorite of both the professional and the do-it-yourselfer because it eliminates the difficulty and hassle of mixing multiple components together, induction time and limited pot life associated with traditional two component epoxy products. It is quicker and easier to use and provides a durable base coat in preparation for virtually any marine top coating system. It binds rust to metal sealing out air and moisture.

As with traditional polyamide epoxy primer it is an effective barrier to chemicals, saltwater and vapors on virtually any marine surface. It achieves a highly durable high-build protective epoxy base coat that quickly self levels to a rock hard finish. The cured epoxy-ester film provides excellent protection from the damaging effects of harsh weather, chemicals, impacts and abrasions without blistering, wrinkling or bubbling above or below the waterline.

·Eliminates the need of mixing multiple components together.

·Produces an effective barrier to moisture and vapors.

·Oxygen cured mono epoxy-ester formula is quick and easy to apply.

·Provides superior adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance and durability.

·Creates a firm base for virtually any top coating system.

·Self leveling formula reduces brush and roller marks.

·Lead free and non-toxic when dry so it is safe to you and the environment.

Stats: Dry to the touch in 2-3 hours. Recommended wet film thickness is 4-5 mils per ocat. Recommended DFT is a minimum of 4 mils. Pot life: Not applicable. Very high in solid content so it will require thinning in most applications. Available in quart, gallon and five gallon containers.

Recommended preparation: Refer to Application Instructions Sheet included with order, label directions and standard industry application practices. For best results remove old paint, loose scale, wax, oil and contaminates. Sand or scuff all surfaces prior to application.

Fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, masonry and stainless steel, galvanized steel- strongly recommend the use of SM-695 Etching Cleanerr.

All wood surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dry before application.

Steel: Where rust is evident recommend SM-5679 Phos-Pro Rust Converting Cleaner. All surfaces must be thoroughly dry and free of contaminates before the application of any primer or marine paint.

Recommend applying a minimum of 2 coats.

Thin & clean up: Use only with factory recommended thinner, SM-101 Thinner. Clean all equipment thoroughly with SM-101 Thinner or acetone.

Shipping: Ships within 2-4 days of order.


Product Details
Manufacturer: Supermarine Paint
Product SKU: SM-787

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