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Sea Hawk Talon Marine Bottom Paint
5 of 5 Stars
Sea Hawk Talon Marine Bottom Paint
Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $41.49

 Talon 6045 Black Talon 6030 Dark Blue  Talon 6042 Blue   Talon 6041 Red  Talon 6043 Green

Sea Hawk Talon is a Single Season Marine Bottom Paint. Talon is the top choice for a single season hard modified epoxy marine bottom paint.  Talon Bottom Paint can be applied over existing antifouling paints in good condition.
  • Durable Hard Antifouling Paint
  • Used on All Types of Vessels
  • Dependable Performance
  • California Approved: Yes
  • Compare To: Bottomkote, Epoxycop, Unepoxy
  • Copper: 33% Premium Grade
  • Use for Trailer Boats/Power Boats/SailBoats: Not recommended
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Product Details
Manufacturer: Sea Hawk Paints
Product SKU: SH-6000
Customer Reviews

by lavern lovato
Date Added: 05/04/2013
5 of 5 Stars
This was the first time i have used the bottom paint store, But is was very user friendly set up and i do like that....this paint worked great and a very cost effective paint for my fresh water.


Sea Hawk Talon Technical Data Sheet

Sea Hawk Talon Safety Data Sheet

Sea Hawk Paints Talon Product Information
Colors: Black-6045, Blue-6042 Blue, 6030-Dark Blue, 6041-Red, 6043-Green
Finish/Sheen: Semi-Gloss
Copper Content: 33% (all Colors)
Volume Solids: 62% +- 2%
Shipping Weight: 16-17 Lbs./Gal.
Flash Point: 100° F
VOC: 310 Grams/Liter
Typical Film Thickness:
Pleasure Craft: 2.5 mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat, (5.5 mils wet film thickness (WFT))
Commercial Marine: 3.0-5.0 mils DFT per coat by spray appli-cation (6.6- 11.0 Mils WFT)
Recommended Coats: 2 heavy coats on entire hull and 3 at waterline and other high wear areas
Theoretical Coverage: 291 Sq.Ft./Gal. @ 2.5 mils DFT
Shelf Life: 30 months when stored under cool, dry conditions 

Application Data
Mixing: TALON bottom paint contains a moderate concentration of copper oxide and may have settled in transit. Product must be thoroughly mixed with power mixer/shaker until uniform.
Induction Time: Not Applicable
Thinning: If necessary, maximum 10% Sea Hawk 2033 Thinner, 2035
Cleaning Sea Hawk 2033 Thinner, 2035, Xylene
Pot Life: Not Applicable
Brush/Rolling: Solvent Resistant Roller Cover 3/8" pile (nap), smooth to medium. Prewash roller cover to remove loose fibers prior to use.
Airless Spray: Minimum 33:1-2 GPM ratio pump; -0.017-0.026" orifice tip; 3/8" ID high-pressure material hose; 90 PSI line pressure; 60 mesh filter.
Conventional Spray: Please contact your Sea Hawk representative for more specific information.
Safety: Prior to use, obtain and consult the "Material Safety Data Sheet" of this product for health and safety information. Read and observe all precautionary notices on container labels. 


Surface Preparation
Paint only clean, dry surfaces. Remove all grease, oil, wax, or other foreign material by solvent or detergent washing. (SSPC-SPI) Use Sea Hawk Wax N Grease Killer Solvent Wash
Compatibility: For pleasure craft applications, please refer to our Sea Hawk Compatibility Chart to ensure compatibility when applying TALON antifouling paint over existing bottom paint.
Previously Painted Surfaces: TALON is suitable for application over previous painted surfaces per compatibility check. For correct procedures please refer to the Application Guidelines for Fiberglass/Gelcoat.
Fiberglass or Vinyl Ester Hulls: TALON is suitable for this substrate. For correct pro-cedures please refer to the Application Guidelines for Fiberglass/Gelcoat.
Wood Surfaces: New Work - Sand the wood surface with 80 grit sandpaper, remove the sanding dust with Sea Hawk S-90 Cleaner, allow to dry and apply the first coat of TALON bottom paint. Reduce the first coat (only) 20% with Sea Hawk 2033 Thinner to maximize surface penetration. Next, apply whatever seam compound if needed, allow to dry in accordance with the product label and apply two more coats of TALON without any Thinner reduction.
Aluminum: TALON Antifouling paint may be used on an aluminum hull only when used with the proper barrier coat system described in Technical Bulletin AL1284. TALON is not to be used on bare aluminum.
Steel Vessels: Sea Hawk TALON antifouling paint is normally used as part of a paint system for underwater hull areas on steel vessels. Nominally, TALON is applied over a properly cleaned existing surface of another antifouling paint or sealer. The surface must be clean and dry prior to application, free of all surface contamination. We highly recommend the hull bottom be high pressure water washed immediately upon haul out with 2,500-3,000 psi clean fresh water. Some areas may need to be cleaned in accor-dance with SSPC-SP-1 Solvent Cleaning to ensure all oils, grease, and other contami-nants are removed. Please refer to additional data below and the section on recom-mended systems for steel below.
Additional Data For Painting Steel Hulls: If the surface to be painted is also to be repaired with an epoxy primer system, we recommend the area first be grit blasted to SSPC-SP-10 ‗near white metal‘, cleaned free of dust and blast media and primed in ac-cordance with the primer system specifications. Please refer to the specified primer data sheet for application details. Make sure the first coat is applied within the proper over coating window of the last coat of epoxy primer which is normally while the epoxy is still tacky but cannot be removed with the thumb. Apply at least two coats of antifou-lant for best performance. See Technical Bulletin STL45 for detailed information.

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