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Seal It, LG-104
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Seal It, LG-104
Price: $41.95
Sale Price: $33.88

Seal-It! (Deep Penetrating Sealer) treats concrete, plaster, gunnite, marcite, tile and masonry three ways; it permanently seals out water, densifies and hardens it all at once. It contains a catalyst that seeks out and reacts with moisture, free alkali (lime), calcium hydroxides and other particles fusing them together creating an impenetrable silica barrier. Increases the bonding power of pool paint by up to 300%. Withstands up to 60 PSI hydro-static pressure. One gallon treats 200 square feet. Three applications typically required. We strongly recommend making the Vapor Gauge Moisture Test part of your order.

  • Permanently seals out water and water vapors.
  • Greatly reduces hydrostatic pressure.
  • Densifies and hardens porous surfaces.
  • Improves the bonding power of paint by up to 300%.
  • Easy application, just spray it on with a hand pump sprayer.
  • Extends the life of treated surfaces by reducing wear due to freeze-thaw chemical and salt attack.


Product Details
Manufacturer: LifeGuard Pool and Pond Paint
Product SKU: LG-104

A permanent sealer for porous surfaces. 

Concrete, plaster, gunnite, marcite and masonry.

USES: Permanently seal, harden and densify concrete, masonry, pool coping and concrete pool deck surfaces. 

Most applications are by hand pump sprayer.
This information has been prepared for use with Seal-It! Deep Penetrating Sealer on properly prepared surfaces. Seal-it! is zero VOC, nontoxic and it is not HAZMAT. It not a coating, it is a deep penetrating sealant, 100% of which is intended to penetrate the surface leaving no residue behind. It works by acting as a catalyst to combine components within the concrete matrix to create an impenetrable barrier to moisture and vapor transmission.

It is acceptable for use on Portland cement, concrete, stucco, porous tile, Gunnite, Shotcrete and mortar. It does not alter or affect the color or texture of the surface treated. It retards the penetration of grease, oils, wax and acids, cures new concrete uniformly, resists hair checking, retards pitting, dusting, rutting and displaces grease and oil. New concrete must be allowed to cure 28 days or more before application.

To avoid penetration and curing issues we recommend establishing the accurate amount of vapor transmission and pH level prior to application. Prior to the application of paint or coating products porous substrates must test at no more than 4LBS hydrostatic pressure with pH under 9. We recommend utilizing the VaporGuage calcium chloride moisture test, or the equivalent. Never apply in hot direct sunlight or when rain is forecast within 48 hours. Under most circumstances allow 24-48 hours between coats.

Surfaces testing above 4 lbs hydrostatic pressure should be retested after the application of Seal-It! using the VaporGuage Test Kit to ensure hydrostatic pressure has been reduced to acceptable levels. Additional applications of Seal-it! may be required to achieve desired results.

1. PREP-WORK: Best results will be achieved by sanding, grinding, blasting or similarly abrading the surface, which opens the pores supporting penetration. All repairs should be completed and allowed to cure prior to sanding, blasting, grinding or the application of Seal-it! Use the VaporGuage calcium chloride moisture test kit, or similar method, to establish the level of vapor transmission and pH before application.

2. CLEAN: All applications will require the complete removal of all sealants, paint or coatings, grease, oil, glue, contaminates and similar substances that may prevent proper penetration or proper curing. Triple Strength Paint Stripper (TS-646) may be used to remove paint and coatings. Mastic remover will remove glue and industrial degreaser, TSP and similar products will remove grease and oil. Seriously contaminated areas may require resurfacing. Power-wash as needed to remove dirt and grime. Recommend using LG-695 Etching Cleaner or muriatic acid to open the pores. Muriatic acid should be properly neutralized. LG-695 Etching Cleaner or muriatic acid should be used after the Seal-It and before applying paint.

3. APPLY SEAL-IT!: Lightly pre-wet surfaces which promote penetration. Most applications are by hand pump sprayer, however brush and roller coat applications are acceptable. Apply evenly avoiding puddling. Under ideal circumstances allow 24-48 hours between coats and 72 hours to cure.

4. REPEAT APPLICATIONS: Best results will be achieved by three applications of Seal-It!. Let stand 24-48 hours between applications. Apply evenly avoiding puddling. Never apply paint or coating products before Seal-It! has been allowed to cure fully.

NOTE: Under ideal circumstances best results will be achieved by allowing 5-7 days for Seal-It to cure before applying coating products. In situations where there is an unusually high level of hydrostatic pressure allow as many as 30 days for Seal-it! to cure before applying coating products. Where extremely high levels of hydrostatic pressure exist we recommend doing additional VaproGuage calcium chloride tests to confirm the post-treatment hydrostatic pressure level. Where hydrostatic pressure exceeds 4 LBS apply additional coats of Seal-it! until calcium chloride tests are below 4LBS.

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