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Shawkocon Bottom Paint Primer
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Shawkocon Bottom Paint Primer
Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $86.99
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Shawkocon is a fast drying, general purpose below the waterline anti-corrosive primer. Its physical properties and excellent adhesion characteristics provide an easy to use multi-functional primer. Used over existing bottom paint, or bare metal.

  • Conversion/Sealer coating over Sea Hawk Biocop TBT 1200 Series antifouling paint or Islands 44 bottom paint, or any unknown well-adhered antifoulant paint to prevent cracking and promote adhesion of a new bottom paint.
  • Barrier/Sealer coating over incompatible or unknown antifoulants to prevent leaching.
  • An excellent barrier coat to reduce pitting of underwater metals from galvanic corrosion on running gear, lower units of outboards, keels, and inboards/outboards.
  • Prevent bleeding of color from underlying antifouling paint
  • No Window Between Coats

Click Here for Sea Hawk Paints Shawkocon Technical Data

Click Here for Sea Hawk Paints Shawkocon Safety Data 

Product Details
Manufacturer: Sea Hawk Paints
Product SKU: SH-984


Color: Gray Metallic
Finish/Sheen: Matte

Typical Shelf Life: 2 Years
Voume Solids: 39% (±2%)
Solids by Weight: 49.6%
Mix Ratio: One Pack

Shipping Weight: 8-9 Lbs./Gal.

Flash Point: 80°F
VOC: 420 Grams/Liter

Typical Film Thickness: 2.0-2.5 mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat, (5.1-6.4 Mils wet film thickness (WFT))

Recommended Coats: As a sealer, 1 coat. AS a metal primer 3-4 coats.

Theoretical Coverage: 250 Sq.Ft./GL @ 2.5 mils DFT

Application Controls 

Method: This product may be applied by airless and conventional spray, solvent resistant rollers and brushes.

Dry Times and Overcoating Intervals: 

Substrate Temp.

Touch Dry Minimum

Overcoating Time (self) Minimum

Solvent Based Antifoulings Minimum

Water based Antifoulings Minimum

41°F (5°C)

1.5 hr

3 hrs

6 hrs

24 hrs

60°F (15°C)

1 hr

3 hrs

3 hrs

16 hrs

73°F (23°C)

1 hr

3 hrs

3 hrs

12 hrs

95°F (35°C)

1 hr

3 hrs

3 hrs

8 hrs

Application Data

Mixing: Sea Hawk Shawkocon Primer SH984 must be thoroughly mixed with power mixer/shaker until uniform.

Induction Time: Not Applicable

Thinning: If necessary, maximum 10%Sea Hawk 7100

Cleaning: Sea Hawk 7130, or S-80

Pot Life: Not Applicable

Brush/Rolling: Solvent Resistant Roller Cover 3/8" pile (nap), smooth to medium. Prewash roller cover to remove loose fibers prior to use.

Airless Spray: Mininum 28:1 GPM ratio pump; "0.019-0.025" orifice tip; with Approx. 2500-3000 PSI pressure.

Conventional Spray: Please contact your Sea Hawk representative for more specific information.

Paint only clean, dry surfaces. Remove all grease, oil, wax, or other foreign material by solvent or detergent washing. (SSPC-SPI)

Aluminum and Steel Vessels: Sea Hawk Shawkocon Primer SH984 is normally used as part of paint systems for below the waterline. Shawkocon Primer must be applied over properly cleaned metal surfaces, free of all surface contamination. Some areas may need to be cleaned in accordance with SSPC-SP-1 Solvent Cleaning using Sea Hawk S-80 to ensure all oils, grease and other contaminants are removed. Please refer to additional data below.

Additional Data For Painting Metal Hulls: Prior to application to any metal surface, we recommend the area first be grit blasted to SSPC-SP-10 ‘near white metal to a blast profile of no less than 1.5 mil. On aluminum, you cannot use metal grit and must blast with a non-metallic media but to the same blast profile. Once the surface is blast cleaned, free of dust and blast media painting can commence in accordance with the paint system specifications. Follow the paint system specifications for dry film thickness and over coating times. As there is no maximum over coating window for Shawkocon Primer, you can apply one day and return to the over coating several days thereafter.

Metal Surfaces Not Blasted: In many cases, some boatyards or shipyards cannot blast the metal surface and must clean by power tool such as power grinders. We strongly recommend grinding with 24-36 grit wheels in accordance with SSPC-SP-3, Power Tool Cleaned and then make sure the grinding dust is removed with blown air, brushes or similar. Make sure there are no deep gouges in the metal from the grinding procedure. We do not recommend dust removal be done with rags with or without thinner as the fibers in the rags can become stuck onto the sharp edges of the cleaned surface. Those fibers can then ‘wick' water to the substrate which can cause blistering or delamination from under the paint system at some future date. On power tooled surfaces, we also recommend that the bare cleaned metal be primed with Sea Hawk Alumi-Chrome S-75 which will improve the overall adhesion of the Shawkocon Primer. Alumi-Chrome Primer is an acid etch primer that must be over coated after one hour to a maximum of 24 hours.

Note: Blasted steel and aluminum must be painted as soon as possible after blasting to avoid any rust ‘bloom' or oxidation from high humidity. Should the surface ‘turn' before the first coat of Sea Hawk Shawkocon Primer can be applied, we strongly recommend the surface be ‘grit swept' in accordance with SSPC-SP-7 Brush Off Blast to remove the ‘rust bloom' or aluminum oxide and then continue with the application of the paint system.

Fiberglass surfaces: Make sure all surface contamination is first removed including any residual mold release agent, followed by thorough sanding with 60-80 grit sandpaper. Once thoroughly sanded, wipe down with rags saturated with Sea Hawk Thinner S-80 to remove all the sanding dust. This procedure should be followed by at least 1-2 coats of Shawkocon Primer for general purpose applications.

Wood surfaces: Wipe down the bare wood with Sea Hawk Thinner S-80, sand thoroughly with 60-80 grit paper, wipe down again with Thinner S-80 to remove the sanding dust and apply the Shawkocon Primer when dry. Apply 1-2 coats as required.

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