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Klear Kote Epoxy Resin, 1 Gallon Kit
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Klear Kote Epoxy Resin, 1 Gallon Kit
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Sale Price: $72.99

A Premium Commercial Grade Clear Epoxy Resin - Klear Kote Epoxy Resin is used extensively in coating surfaces and in table tops where a clear, hard and durable coating is required. Commonly seen on bar tops and restaurant tables. Easy to use 1:1 mixing ratio of resin and hardener.

Klear Kote Epoxy Resin is a 100% solid, two component, clear polymer coating that is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. Each epoxy resin kit contains a bottle of resin and a bottle of hardener. The product cures to a clear, high build, glass like finish that resists scratching, yellowing and will not distort with age. Items coated with it will become permanently preserved and protected for your enjoyment throughout a lifetime. The epoxy resin will not exhibit blushing or sweat out under high humidity conditions.

Primary use:
Klear Kote epoxy resin is commonly seen on bar tops and table tops in many bars and restaurants.

Klear Kote epoxy resin should be applied in two stages. The first stage is referred to as the seal coat. The seal coat is brushed on in a thin layer and is used to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coats. This stage is followed by the flood coat, which will flow and self level, clean brushes or squeeges can be used to help spread the epoxy. Flood coats are applied in 1/8" layers at a time, as many as desired can be applied, however one to three coats is average for most table or bar coatings.

Recoating/Between Layers:
Recoating can usually be done within 12 to 72 hours. If re-coated within this time period no sanding is necessary between layers. If your previous layer has fully dried, light sanding with 220 or 320 grit sandpaper is recommended to achieve a good bonding surface. After sanding you should wipe down with a solvent such as denatured alcohol, acetone or lacquer thinner to remove any impurities from the surface. (Do NOT use mineral spirits)

Imbedding Pictures:
Objects, such as pictures, maps etc. can be imbedded in the epoxy resin during the pours. Most photo quality paper does not require any special preparation however sometimes thin paper objects must first be sealed with a white glue or similar product to prevent the epoxy resin from fully penetrating the paper and causing it to become transparent.

Imbedding Solid Objects (wood, rocks, shells, etc.) All porous materials should first have a seal coat of table top epoxy resin applied. This will prevent air bubbles from occurring in subsequent flood coats. Usually the objects can be set in place before sealing.

Working Conditions:
For best results the product should be used at temperatures from 70-80 degrees F. The room which you are working should be clean, dry, dust free. Settling dust can often cause blemishes on the glassy surface.

Exterior Applications:
Please note that although the table top epoxy resin will resist yellowing better than other epoxies it is NOT 100% UV resistant. Continuous outdoor UV exposure over months or years will cause the finish to lose its gloss and cause gradual changes in color.

Each 2 Gallon kit contains equal amounts of resin and hardener. (Approximate coverage - 24-30 square feet per gallon, 48-60 per 2 gallon kit). Remember not to combine seal and flood coat coverage's. Flood coats are designed to go on approximately 1/8"" thick, which is about three times thicker than that of a seal coat. Example: A 6ft x 4ft bare wood table (24sq ft) would require 2 Quarts to complete ONE seal coat and about a gallon and a half to complete ONE flood coat for a total of Two Gallons.

Product Details
Manufacturer: Sea Hawk Paints
Product SKU: SH-8104/GLKIT



Description: Klear Kote is a clear general purpose epoxy resin and hardener. The resin and hardener mix and cure in a one-to-one (1:1) part ration. One part of resin is mixed thouroughly with one part of hardener, prio to pouring or application. Neither resin nor hardener can be used alone and strict measurement in mixing is essential in obtaining physical cure characteristics. 

Resin/Curing Agent (Hardener) Blend ratio: 1:1
Gel Time, Minutes (200 g Mass): 40
Drying Time, Hours:
  • Set to touch: 3.2
  • Surface Dry: 5.9
  • Thru Dry: 10

Click here for Resin MSDS

Click here for Hardner MSDS

Click here for Technical Data Sheet


This table top epoxy resin will acheive professional results when applied correctly so take your time and make sure to beware of these of the common problems we have seen encountered by first time users.

1. MIXING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROJECT. Be sure you are about to mix container of hardener and resin. Check the labels!

2. Always make sure that your mixing container is clean and your measuring device is accurate, this table top epoxy resin Requires that you mix at a 1 to 1 ratio by weight or volume, any variances from this can cause the epoxy resin to stay soft and not fully cure.

3. After the two components are poured together and stirring begins the mixture will turn a cloudy white color, this represents areas in which the epoxy resin has not fully combined. You must continue to mix until all signs of cloudiness and tiny white lines have completely disappeared. This  usually occurs between 3-4 minutes of solid mixing. It is important to mix without excessive whipping of the mixture (whipping will put lots of air bubbles into the epoxy resin). Mixes should not exceed 1.5 gallons.

4. Always scrape the sides of your mixing container and also the stick during those 3-4 minutes. If UNMIXED epoxy resin remains on the side of the container or the stick it will cause wet spots on your finished product if that UNMIXED material falls into your project.

5. After mixing is complete, allow the mix to stand for 3-5 minutes and remix for about 30 seconds.  Pour the completed mix into a separate container for the final pour. No matter how complete the mix, there are unmixed portions on the sides and bottom of the mixing container that will leave a wet spot.

6. TIP: While pouring your table top epoxy resin onto the surface NEVER scrape the container to remove every last drop. See number 5. 

ESTIMATING COVERAGE: 1 Gallon of mixed epoxy contains 231 cubic inches of volume; therefore will cover approx. 1.6 sq.ft at 1 inch thick and approx. 6.5 sq.ft at ¼ inch thick. Coverage much include surfaces, edges, and an extra 2% run off on the edges. 


  • Bare wood - should be sealed with a thin coat of epoxy
  • Imbedded articles - test for color fastness prior to application
  • Recoating existing coating - scuff sand and clean with Denatured Alcohol or Isopropanol 99%. Make sure the surface and epoxy to be mixed are at same temperature. 75-85°F recommended. 

APPLICATION: Epoxy is self-leveling, therefore the surface must be level for uniformity. The epoxy may be poured on the surface and spread with a plastic hand squeegee or a dust free foam brush. Applying more than 1/8 inch thick per coat. Thick films are achieved through multiple coats.

Once the epoxy is applied to the desired thickness tiny air bubbles will appear on the surface. The bubbles need to be eliminated by passing a heat gun or propane torch systematically over the surface. Be sure to keep the flame at least 3 inches from the surface. Repeat the process until the bubbles are no longer surfacing. This results in a glass like surface!

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