Gelcoat Repair Kit Instructions

Gelcoat Repair KitThere are two Evercoat gelcoat repair kits available: Large Gelcoat Repair Kit, which contains 4 oz. of polyester gelcoat paste with liquid hardener, coloring agents, cleaning solvents, mixing cup and stick and Mylar film for smoothing the repair surface. Small Gel Coat Repair Kit, which contains 1 oz. of polyester gelcoat paste and all the same components as the larger kit above, except for the cleaning solvent.

Gelcoat Repair Kit Instructions:

  1. Make sure damaged areas are clean and free of dirt, grease and wax, etc.
  2. Enough Gelcoat paste should be added to a plastic mixing cup to make all repairs. One of the six basic colors may match the gelcoat. If so, mix approximately 1 part pigment to 20 parts gel paste (in other words, fill the cup 1/4in and add approximately 1-2 inch bead of pigment from the tube). The pigments can be intermixed to achieve various shades. Please refer to the color match chart for mixing suggestions. NOTE: Exact color match will be difficult, but weathering will blend in slight color differences.
  3. After the color has been matched, take enough of the pigmented gel paste to fix a damaged area. Place it on a clean piece of cardboard and mix with several drops of liquid hardener. NOTE: adding liquid hardener will darken the color slightly! Four drops of hardener in 1 teaspoon of gelcoat paste will give approximately 15 minutes of working time before the material begins to gel. Mix the liquid hardener thoroughly into the gelcoat paste.
  4. Apply catalyzed gelcoat paste to the damaged area, working in into the area with a spatula or plastic spreader. Squeeze off the excess material.
  5. For greater smoothness and higher gloss, this repair should be covered with a piece of the enclosed clear plastic release film, and left to cure.
  6. After approximately one hour, remove the plastic film and clean the repaired area with the enclosed solvent and a clean cloth (applicable to 100668 large kit only )
  7. Deep damaged areas may require several applications.
  8. The repaired area should be sanded with 600 grit wet sandpaper. Then, the area should be buffed with a fine rubbing compound and waxed.