Pool Guard EHBWhat Pool Paint Is Best Suited For A Fiberglass Pool Application? The only product we recommend for a fiberglass pool our the epoxy pool paints. The best performing epoxy pool paint is the  Pool Guard EHB high build epoxy pool paint.

Will the finish of my pool paint dull over time? Typically, pool paint does dull slightly over time, due to the effects of chlorine & UV sun. However, the pool coatings we sell are loaded with UV stabilizers to slow down this effect.

What Pool Paint Is Best Suited For A Spa, Hot Tub Or Jacuzzi? Due to high temperature of the water in a spa, Pool Guard EHB is the only coating we recommend.

Which Pool Paint should I used for pool slide? Whether you have a fiberglass slide or a Pool Slide Paintconcrete pool slide, we would recommend the Top Secret TS-6433 Ever-Last Epoxy   to paint it. This paint is a 2 part paint that comes in a 2 gallon size, which will give your slide the smoothest finish, which is exactly what you will need for the slide surface. This can be applied directly to fiberglass

If your slide is already painted and you do not know what paint is on there now, you can use the TS-100 Silicone Epoxy which can be applied over the existing paint and is available in quarts, gallons and many colors. Or you can first prime the fiberglass/gelcoat or aluminum with the TS-664 Etching Primer.

How Can I Upgrade My Pool From A Chlorinated Rubber Finish To An Epoxy Finish? You can prime your chlorinated rubber coated pool with our 2 Part water based Epoxy Primer  – Pool Grip, and then topcoat with Pool Guard EHB. You can also apply Pool Shield and Pool Shield CRX without the water based epoxy Primer.

Is There A Non-Slip Product That I Can Use For My Deck Or Around My Pool? Deck Kote is what we recommend, & you can add 1 lb. of nonskid to make the deck less slippery, especially when wet.

Can I Fill In Imperfections In My Concrete Pool Surface? The manufacturer recommends going through the standard preparation process. First, pressure wash to ensure all areas are sound. Second, wash with acid. Third, rinse with TSP to neutralize the acid. Finally, let the surface dry completely. To help fill in the imperfections prime with Pool Grip Primer and then apply 2 coats of Pool Guard EHB – these are the only products that will help to fill in the imperfections. Acrylic and rubber coatings are thin and will not be as effective.

Pool Guard EHBWhat Type Of Finish Will I Get With Pool Guard EHBYou will get a beautiful tile-like finish. Pool Guard EHB formulation fills in hairline cracks if needed to give you a beautiful finish.

What Are The Primary Reasons For Unsatisfactory Product Performance? The three main reasons for unsatisfactory product performance is the improper preparation of the pool, not following label directions correctly, & weather / moisture which effects proper curing of the paint.

What are the proper storage guidelines for Pool Paint? Store in temperature of 50-90 degrees is ideal.

What can we do to make our pool like it’s plastered? We recommend using Pool Guard EHB, which will give a tile like finish at a significantly less cost than plastering.

How many coats of paint do you recommend? 2 coats of paint are required and no primer (self-priming) is needed for a perfect paint job.

Can I use Deck Kote on my concrete driveway? Yes, you can use Deck Kote on concrete driveways but definitely not on blacktops.

Are Dark Colors Such As Royal Blue and Black Recommended For Application Over The Entire Pool Surface? No. For safety of children and for cleanliness, dark colors are not recommended for general use of swimming pools, only for striping.

What Causes Paint To Chalk Or Fade? Chlorine Shock or UV Sun causes paint to chalk or fade. National uses UV stabilizers to slow down the effects of UV sun & chlorine shock.

How much square footage would I expect on 1st & 2nd coat? The square footage is typically 300 square feet per gallon, with up to 50% less on the first coat to the second coat. This depends on how much the product is soaks into the surface, & how much paint is applied as well on the first coat.

How long does paint take to dry-to touch? Typically a paint will dry in 4-6 hours, but can dry quicker depending on film thickness, temperature and humidity.

Are Custom Colors Available? Yes, 140 custom colors are available for pool paint your coating needs. Look for the color chart under each product or give us a call.

Are Pool Paint Products Available In Size Other Than Gallons? All products are packaged in gallons which is the perfect size for refinishing your recreational swimming pool. 5 gallon cans are available for Commercial Pools.

How to Paint Metal/Steel Pool? Prime with the Pool Grip and then paint with either the Pool Shield CRX or the Pool Guard EHB.

 Can I Paint Tile? Sand the tile before acid washing and TSP steps then apply Pool Grip Primer and  Pool Guard EHB.

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