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Comparison: National Pool Finishes VS Other Brands

How do National Pool Finishes Swimming Pool Paints measure up when compared with other brands? To answer that question and help you make a good decision when looking for a pool paint, we have compiled some information about some popular swimming pool paints.

1) How does National Pool Finishes Pool Guard EHB epoxy pool paint compare with Olympic Epoxy Coatings swimming pool paint?*

Both of these brands produce a high build epoxy pool paint that provide a long service life. Olympic ZERON should last up to 8 years and Olympic Poxolon II will last up to 5 years.  National Paint Industries says their Pool Guard EHB will last 10 years. When using Olympic Epoxy Coatings, you need a primer on most bare surfaces. National Paint Industries products are self priming on Gunite, Concrete, and Plaster. What about coverage? Pool Guard EHB swimming pool paint will cover about 250 sq.ft per Gallon. ZERON has a heavier body and covers 125 – 150 sq.ft per Gallon. Poxolon II covers about the same square footage as Pool Guard EHB.

epoxy pool paint   …..VS…..  

2) How does National Pool Finishes Pool Shield CRX chlorinated rubber pool paint compare with Benjamin Moore’s INSL-X Chlorinated Rubber Based Pool Paint?**

This comparison is drawn between two similar type products: Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint. When applying to bare surfaces neither coating requires a primer. Both are suitable for chlorinated or salt water pool systems. Which is more durable? Pool Shield CRX contains UV additives and Silicone that will help it withstand the sun’s rays for longer. INSL-X covers about 200 – 250 sq.ft. per Gallon whereas Pool Shield covers about 400 sq.ft. per Gallon. In addition the manufacturer recommends not thinning down the INSL-X. Pool Shield CRX rubber pool paint is available in over 90 colors and INSL-X offers only 6 color options.

Rubber pool paint  …..VS…..  

3) How does National Pool Finishes AquaKote Water-based Acrylic pool paint compare with RAMUC DS Acrylic swimming pool paint?

Both National Pool Finishes and RAMUC manufacture a water based acrylic pool paint. Water based Acrylic swimming pool paints are ideal when the painting window is very short. It only needs a 3 day cure time. Also, both of these coatings can be applied to cool, damp surfaces without priming. Which offers the best value? The answer is up to you because they are so similar.

RAMUC has 7 color options. AquaKote has over 90. RAMUC offers slightly less coverage on previously painted surfaces: 350 – 400 sq.ft. AquaKote offers 400 sq.ft. per gallon (depending on the porosity of the surface.) How about price? Most online retailers offer DS Acrylic from $62.00 up to $90.00. The Bottom Paint Store has National Pool Finishes AquaKote  available for about 1/2 the cost and FREE SHIPPING.

Aquakote Pool Paint  …..VS…..  


*Olympic Epoxy Pool Paint is manufacturer by Kelly Technical Coatings.

**Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint INSL-X CR-2600 may not be available in many areas of the country due to VOC regluations. Benjamin Moore offers a similar Synthetic Rubber Product CR-2700 that may available instead.

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How Much Pool Paint Do I need for my Pool?


How Much Pool Paint Do I Need for My Pool?

There are a couple of factors to consider when determining how much pool paint that you need to paint your pool.

1. Is the surface porous, rough, or bare? If so, you may need about 25% more product then what is stated in the formula below. This will allow for the absorbtion of the 1st coat of swimming pool paint to properly cover bare, rough, or a sandblasted surface.

2. They type of pool paint you use also factors in to how much you will need.

Here are some good guidelines and estimates for calculating how much pool paint you will need for your size swimming pool.

Estimate Chart: Pools Not Previously Painted
Pool Size / Sq.Ft. High Build Epoxy Pool Paint Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint
12×24/ 800 8 gal (4 kits) 5 gallons 5 gallons
14×28/ 900 10 gallons (5 kits) 6 gallons 6 gallons
15×30/ 1000 10 gallons (5 kits) 7 gallons 7 gallons
16×32/ 1200 12 gallons (6 kits) 8 gallons 8 gallons
18×36/ 1320 14 gallons (7 kits) 9 gallons 9 gallons
18×38/ 1400 14 gallons (7 kits) 10 gallons 10 gallons
20×40/ 1600 16 gallons (8 kits) 11 gallons 11 gallons
Based on 2 coats at manufacturers recommended converages
Estimate Chart: Previouly Painted Pools and Fiberglass Pools
Pool Size / Sq.Ft. High Build Epoxy Pool Paint Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint Acrylic Swimming Pool Paint
12×24 / 800 4 gallons (2 kits) 2-3 gallons 2-3 gallons
14×28 / 900 6 gallons (3 kits) 4 gallons 4 gallons
15×30 /1000 6 gallons (3 kits) 5 gallons 5 gallons
16×32 /1200 8 gallons (4 kits) 6 gallons 6 gallons
18×36 /1320 10 gallons (5 kits) 7 gallons 7 gallons
18×38 /1400 10 gallons (5 kits) 7 gallons 7 gallons
20×40 /1600 12 gallons (6 kits) 8 gallons 8 gallons

Pool Paint Coverage Calculation

1. First you need to determine the square footage of your pool. To do this use this formula: (Length of the Pool) x (Width of the Pool) x (1.7) = Estimated square footage of your pool

Example:  If you pool is 35ft long and 15 ft wide, then you would use this formula:

Example: 35 x 15 x 1.7 = 892.50 square feet

2. Next, you need determine the total pool paint coverage with two coats of pool paint. Since you need 2 coats when applying any pool paint, you need double this amount:

Example: 892.50 x 2 = 1785 total square feet of coverage needed

3. If the type of paint you are using is a 2 gallon epoxy kit such as:

Then divide the above amount by 500. This number will give you the total number of 2 gallon kits needed. (Remember to always round up!)

Example: 1785 / 500 = 3.57 or 4 –  2 gallon kits ( add 25% for bare, rough, or a sandblasted surface which would be 4.66 or  rounding up to 5 –  2 gallon kits!)

If you are using any other gallon of pool paint such as:

Then divide the number by 300. This number will give your the total number of gallons needed. (Remember to always round up!)

Example: 1785 / 300 = 5.95 or 6 gallons ( add 25% for bare, rough, or a sandblasted surface which would be 7.44 or  rounding up to 8 gallons!)

pool paint calculator