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Micron CSC by Interlux Vs. Cukote by Sea Hawk

Cukote Bottom Paint Has Clear Advantages over Micron CSC Bottom Paint!

  • CUKOTE 2013Micron CSCHarder Ablative Provides Longer Lasting Performance compare to Interlux Micron CSC!
  • Harder Ablative Provides More Durable Coating for Trailerable Boats
  • Made in the USA with USA Premium Raw Materials VS. European Made and Owned
  • More Copper (Sea Hawk Cukote has over 47% Vs. 37% for Micron CSC)
  • Proven Premium Performance in All Waters!
  • Compatible with Micron CSC (You can apply Cukote over the top of Micron CSC without any additional steps!)
  • One-Year Written Guarantee Against Barnacles

Apply Directly over Micron CSC or any other Bottom Paint and Receive…

                1 Year Written Guarantee Against Barnacle Growth!