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The Significance of Teak Sealer in Marine Maintenance

Teak wood holds a revered position in maritime settings due to its exceptional durability and natural beauty. To harness and preserve these valuable qualities, it is imperative to integrate a top-tier teak sealer into your marine maintenance routine.

Teak sealers serve as a robust defense mechanism, protecting against the formidable forces of the marine environment. Without proper protection, teak wood is vulnerable to the detrimental effects of relentless UV rays, corrosive saltwater, and environmental pollutants. However, a high-quality sealer creates an impermeable barrier, ensuring the wood remains resilient over time.

Beyond protection, teak sealer play a pivotal role in retaining the wood’s innate aesthetic appeal. Teak is renowned for its warm, golden-brown hue, and a well-applied sealer acts as a guardian, preserving this natural coloration. Not only does this enhance the overall appearance of boat decks or furniture, but it also contributes to a cohesive and inviting marine atmosphere.

The application and maintenance of a teak sealer are designed to be user-friendly. The sealer penetrates the teak’s surface, creating a durable and enduring shield. With regular and straightforward reapplication, teak surfaces can be kept looking fresh and well-protected.

Moreover, a teak sealer actively contributes to the wood’s longevity by preventing moisture ingress and inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. By taking this proactive approach, not only do you safeguard your investment, but you also minimize the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Thus, a teak sealer is a wise choice for any boat owner seeking both practicality and enduring elegance on the open waters.

In conclusion, the integration of a high-quality teak sealer into your marine maintenance routine is crucial for preserving the beauty and durability of teak wood. The sealer acts as a powerful defense against the damaging effects of UV rays, saltwater, and environmental pollutants. Furthermore, it retains the wood’s natural coloration, enhances the overall appearance of boat decks and furniture, and creates an inviting marine atmosphere. With user-friendly application and maintenance, teak sealers provide an enduring shield that prevents moisture ingress and the growth of mold and mildew. By investing in a teak sealer, boat owners can protect their teak surfaces, minimize the need for frequent repairs, and enjoy the practicality and timeless elegance that teak wood brings to the open waters.





Teak Oil vs. Teak Sealer – What’s the difference?

Well-maintained teak woodwork is highly prized and teak wood owners want to do everything they can to keep it looking great. However, the market is saturated with many teak products and it can be confusing to know which will work best for you. This article can be your guide to teak oil and teak sealer.

What is teak oil?

Teak oil has been used on boats and teak wood furniture for many years. Teak oils are usually made of tung oil or linseed oil with extra additives mixed in. The oil “feeds” the wood, in a sense, and accentuates the grain and color. Thus, applying oil to the teak gives it a warm and rich look. Many people choose to oil their teak because they like the beauty that oil can bring back. However, teak oil is very high maintenance. Teak Oil does not protect the wood, but it merely recovers the rich appearance that teak wood can offer. This method requires multiple coats of oil and the beautiful finish does not last long. Sunlight and UV rays carbonize the oils, turning the wood finish dark and gray over time. Gradually, the bright and warm look that you worked so hard to attain is lost once again.

What is teak sealer?

Another method of caring for teak wood is using a teak sealer. Sealers are different from oils because they do not “feed” the wood more oils or resins. Instead, they seal in the oils and resins that the existing wood contains while at the same time preventing contaminants and moisture from harming it. Sealer does need to be reapplied nearly as often as oil. It is best to keep a nice coating of teak sealer on the wood by reapplying every year.

Which teak sealer product should I use?

JustTeak™ is a marine-grade teak cleaning system that quickly and easily rejuvenates your teak. It will clean, brighten, and (using a sealer) protect your teak decking and outdoor teak furniture.

Part 1: Teak Cleaner

Renews your valuable teak, removing stains, greying and old coatings, whilst being gentle on your teak.

Part 2: Teak Brightener

Removes light stains and greying. Brightens teak when used in combination with JustTeak™ Teak Cleaner.

Part 3: Teak Sealer

Ensures a beautiful, natural finish that protects your teak from sun, rain, and stains. You will also prolong your teak from turning grey. Teak Sealer can be easily removed with JustTeak™ Teak Cleaner and Teak Brightener when it is time to re-apply.


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What Varnish to Choose?

Typically a varnish is what is used to protect wood that exposed to the elements for long periods of time (think teak wood on boats).

Here are the links to our varnish choices to check as well.

Captain Jacks Premium Varnish Captain Jack's Varnishhas been designed for the highest quality work, with outstanding results and durability. A combination of high quality pure phenolic modified tung oil provides excellent weathering performance and will enhance the richness and beauty of the wood with classic bright work appearance. BEST VALUE!

Awl-Spar Classic Spar Varnish (with reducer) is the highest quality classic spar varnish with state of the art ultraviolet inhibitors and absorbers used for brightwork protection against water and weather. It has excellent durability, and is fast dry, fast recoat for quick build up. For above waterline use only.

Cetol® Marine Gloss with Next Wave™ UV-absorbing technology is a durable clear gloss protective wood finish, developed as a topcoat for Cetol Marine, Cetol Marine Light and Cetol Marine Natural Teak.  Next Wave technology is the next generation of Cetol Marine from Sikkens with a unique UV-absorbing package, which is specialty resins and advanced UV absorbers that provide greater protection, durability and longevity.  Cetol Marine Gloss provides a high gloss, hard wearing, UV protection and an easy to clean finish.  It can be used where a gloss appearance is preferred on top of Cetol Marine, Cetol Marine Light and Cetol Marine Natural Teak.  Do not use on decks.

Marine Spar Varnish is a super clear, high gloss varnish for exterior and interior use on new or previously varnished surfaces subject to abuse from parching sun, fresh or salt water, severe weather conditions or abrasion. Formulated with an ultra violet screening agent, Marine Spar Varnish will hold its gloss on exterior surfaces far better than conventional varnishes. Excellent for use on boats doors, furniture, porches, bar tops, or any other surface where a durable clear gloss finish is desired.

How to Clean, Restore, and Seal Teak Wood on Your Boat

Just Teak Restoration KitsTeak wood is an excellent material for boat decks, furniture, and trim. However, to keep it in good condition and enhance its beauty, it needs regular maintenance. Applying teak oil is one of the best ways to protect teak wood from drying out, fading, and

Restoring your weathered teak wood is an easy 3 step process using the  JustTeak™ Teak Restoration Kits. Learn how to clean, brighten, and seal your teak or other wood. This simple teak restoration process can be used on an teak wood including teak furniture and teak decking.

Step 1 (Part 1). Cleaning Teak Wood with the JustTeak™ Teak Cleaner
 JustTeak™ Teak CleanerGetting the teak clean is the first step in the process. You need a really effective cleaner that will not harm the wood. You should not use any bleach. All weathered teak should be first be cleaned with JustTeak™ Teak Cleaner.

1. Hose down entire areas thoroughly with fresh water. Ensure the teak does not dry during the cleaning process.
2. Applying the JustTeak™ Teak Cleaner with a soft polypropylene cleaning pad, gently scrub the product across the grain of the teak. The teak will tum dark brown and the cleaning pad will fill with dirt.
4. Apply to one area at a time then immediately rinse down entire area with water to remove the cleaner. Repeat if necessary. 

Step 2. (Part 2) Using  JustTeak™ Teak Brightener
on Your Teak Deck

Just Teak Teak Brightener JustTeak™ Teak Brightener is the answer to dull, gray teak. Specifically designed to restore light beautiful look of new teaks.
– Brightens Teak Dulled by Weather and Wear
– Won’t Raise the Grain
– Contains No Bleach
– Cleans Away Discoloration in the Deck

1. Following the application of Part 1: JustTeak™ Teak Cleaner.
2. Hose down entire area with water.
3. Ensure the teak does not dry during the cleaning process.
4. Apply JustTeak™ Teak Brightener  with a soft polypropylene cleaning pad, gently scrubbing across the grain of the teak. The teak will immediate lighten.
5. Apply to one area at a time then immediately rinse down entire area with water to remove the Teak Brightener. Repeat if necessary.

Step 3. Application of JustTeakTeak Sealer

JustTeak Teak SealerJustTeak™ Teak Oil Sealer is designed to seal and protect teak. Restores and protects teak and other woods. Easy to use and extra long lasting formula.
– Easy to Use
– Extra Long Lasting
– Restores and Protects Teaks and Other Woods
– Adds Luster and Beauty to Your Deck

1. For best results apply in temperatures above 10°C (50°F) on a sunny, low humidity day, ensuring the teak is dry. Shake vigorously prior to use. This product must be shaken periodically whilst using to ensure even colouring. Make sure the surface is completely dry prior to application.
2. Apply the JustTeak™ Teak Oil Sealer by either brush, pad applicator or rag. Take note to apply sealer along the length of the board to ensure even coating and avoid line marks.
3. Apply generously. Allow to dry, soak up any areas that may have not absorbed the sealer. When touch dry, apply 1-2 subsequent coats until the teak stops absorbing the sealer.
LOOKING AFTER YOUR SEALED TEAK Over time the sealer will start to lose its lustre and water beading capability. A fresh coat of JustTeak: Teak Sealer should be applied to restore the finish. For best results remove the Teak Sealer with JustTeak Cleaner and Brightener and re-apply.

Applying teak oil is a simple and effective way to maintain the beauty and longevity of your boat’s teak wood. Just follow these simple steps and you can ensure that your teak wood surfaces remain protected, shiny, and smooth. Regular maintenance will prevent the wood from drying out, fading, or cracking, and keep your boat looking its best for years to come. So, go ahead and try it out – your teak wood will thank you!

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