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What Varnish to Choose?

Typically a varnish is what is used to protect wood that exposed to the elements for long periods of time (think teak wood on boats).

Here are the links to our varnish choices to check as well.

Captain Jacks Premium Varnish Captain Jack's Varnishhas been designed for the highest quality work, with outstanding results and durability. A combination of high quality pure phenolic modified tung oil provides excellent weathering performance and will enhance the richness and beauty of the wood with classic bright work appearance. BEST VALUE!

Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss Wood Finish Gloss is the ultimate varnish alternative without sanding. It is based on phenolic-modified resins and tung oil with microscopic porosity properties. Specifically formulated for oily woods like teak and iroco, Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss has an ultra high gloss finish. Its color is clear amber. One of its outstanding characteristics is its ability to build up coats quickly without sanding. No sanding is required if re-coating within 72 hours. Wood Finish gloss has excellent flow, gloss and durability and offers great flexibility and water resistance in all weather conditions. So, when its a deep high gloss finish with excellent U.V. protection and no sanding in between coats that you are looking for, Wood Finish Gloss is the perfect choice. Sold by the 1000ml (1 quart).

Awl-Spar Classic Spar Varnish (with reducer) is the highest quality classic spar varnish with state of the art ultraviolet inhibitors and absorbers used for brightwork protection against water and weather. It has excellent durability, and is fast dry, fast recoat for quick build up. For above waterline use only.

Cetol® Marine Gloss with Next Wave™ UV-absorbing technology is a durable clear gloss protective wood finish, developed as a topcoat for Cetol Marine, Cetol Marine Light and Cetol Marine Natural Teak.  Next Wave technology is the next generation of Cetol Marine from Sikkens with a unique UV-absorbing package, which is specialty resins and advanced UV absorbers that provide greater protection, durability and longevity.  Cetol Marine Gloss provides a high gloss, hard wearing, UV protection and an easy to clean finish.  It can be used where a gloss appearance is preferred on top of Cetol Marine, Cetol Marine Light and Cetol Marine Natural Teak.  Do not use on decks.

Marine Spar Varnish is a super clear, high gloss varnish for exterior and interior use on new or previously varnished surfaces subject to abuse from parching sun, fresh or salt water, severe weather conditions or abrasion. Formulated with an ultra violet screening agent, Marine Spar Varnish will hold its gloss on exterior surfaces far better than conventional varnishes. Excellent for use on boats doors, furniture, porches, bar tops, or any other surface where a durable clear gloss finish is desired.

How to Clean, Restore, and Seal Teak Wood on Your Boat

Restoring your weathered teak wood is an easy 3 step process with Tip Top Teak’s premium system. Learn how to clean, brighten, and seal your teak or other wood

Step 1. Cleaning Teak Wood with
Crystal Deck Cleaner
crystal deck cleanerGetting the teak clean is the first step in the process. You need a really effective cleaner that will not harm the wood. You should not use any bleach. All weathered teak should be first be cleaned with Crystal Deck Cleaner.

1. Wet decks and all surrounding painted and fiberglass areas thoroughly with fresh water.

2. Sprinkle teak cleaner evenly and liberally over wet surface to be cleaned. Do not try to clean more than 6-8 square feet at one time. Mix 1 cup of Crystal Deck Teak Cleaner in a 1/2 gallon of water. If any areas appears to be drying during spreading, dip your deck brush into the water/teak cleaner mixture to that area assuring wet coverage on all surfaces. DO NOT ALLOW AREA TO DRY.

3. Let teak cleaner set for 10-15 minutes keeping the surface wet throughout.

4. Scrub entire surface completely. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with hose and deck brush to be sure all cleaning material and resultant dirt are completely rinsed from surface. Follow cleaning with Deck Brighten (if desired), and then Teak Wood-Oil Sealer.

Step 2. Using
Deck Brightener on Your Teak Deck

deckbrightnerTeak Deck Brightener is the answer to dull, gray teak. Specifically designed to restore light beautiful look of new teaks.
– Brightens Teak Dulled by Weather and Wear
– Won’t Raise the Grain
– Contains No Bleach
– Cleans Away Discoloration in the Deck

1. Dilute contents of this container with equal parts of water in a plastic bucket.

2. Wet decks and all surrounding painted and fiberglass areas thoroughly with fresh water. Do not try to brighten more than 6-8 square feet at one time. Allow to soak for 5 minutes, reapply to any dark areas. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY.

3. Rinse teak thoroughly, scrub and rinse at the same time.

4. Allow surface to dry overnight before applying Tip Top Teak’s Wood-Oil Sealer. Follow brightening process with Wood-Oil Sealer.

Step 3. Application of
Teak Oil Sealer

woodoilsealerTeak Oil Sealer is designed to seal and protect teak. Restores and protects teak and other woods. Easy to use and extra long lasting formula.
– Easy to Use
– Extra Long Lasting
– Restores and Protects Teaks and Other Woods
– Adds Luster and Beauty to Your Deck

Never apply product when ambient temperature is below 50 F, 10C. Use a paint brush or clean terry cloth towel to apply Tip Top Teak’s Wood-Oil Sealer. Apply in the direction of the grain, lapping to ensure complete coverage. Apply at least two coats for essential protection. Allow to dry overnight between coats. Excess Teak Oil Sealer should be removed with a clean cloth. Follow teak sealing process by repeating the 3 Step Tip Top Teak Process at least 4 times annually for optimum protection.