Can Aluma Hawk Paint be used with Tuff Stuff Epoxy Primer?

The direct answer is Yes.

Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff Epoxy Primeraluma-hawk-boat-paint-by-sea-hawk-paints-28288-1000x1078 is an effective water barrier and universal primer. When applied to metal hulled boats it can serve as corrosion protection below the waterline. Therefore many boaters want to have that sort of protection on their Jon boat and apply Aluma Hawk Boat Paint on top. Aluma Hawk is an aluminum boat paint that is one of the easiest and most popular paints for aluminum boats. It is a quick-dry, high-solids, corrosion-inhibiting coating designed for use on an aluminum surface without the need for additional primers. It is chromate-free and may be used above or below the waterline in fresh or saltwater environments. You can paint Aluma Hawk with a brush, roller, or spray. Apply 2 coats following the proper dry time requirements. No sanding is necessary between coats of Aluma Hawk if less than 48 hours between coats. Thinning: thin if necessary with MEK.

When over-coating Tuff Stuff Epoxy Primer it is important to meet the required over-coating times in order to achieve the best adhesion because temperature and humidity have a direct impact on dry times. QUICK and EASY RULE: When the coating is dry to the touch, yet still has some tack, it is ready to be over-coated. Your thumb will leave a print without lifting any epoxy. This is called hot-coating. However, if the coating is completely cured (or after 24 hours) it needs to be thoroughly sanded with 80 grit sandpaper to remove the shine, or you must apply another coat of Tuff Stuff within 6 days. Then you have an additional 24-hour maximum window to overcoat with paint.

Tuff Stuff Marine Epoxy Primer

These two products are great on their own, but they can do so much more when working in conjunction with each other.