Micron 66 by Interlux VS. Biocop TF by Sea Hawk

Biocop TF Bottom Paint Outperforms in Micron 66 Bottom Paint in Independent Testing!

  • Biocop TFInterlux Micron 6630% Better Performance in Longevity and Reduced Growth!
  • US Made with Premium Copper, Solvents, and Rosins!
  • Bottom Paint That Works in Fresh Water!
  • Safer to Apply and Less Odor During Application!
  • More Color Choices!

Practical Sailor rates Biocop TF as a 24 Month paint and a “Top Choice”

2011 October Issues of Power & Motoryacht Magazine rates Biocop TF Excellent!

Apply Directly over Micron 66 or any other Bottom Paint and Receive…

                1 Year Written Guarantee Against Barnacle Growth!

     Once Limited to Mega Yachts (82FT and above), Biocop TF is Legal for all Size Boats!

Provided by Sea Hawk Paints