How to Paint an Aluminum Jon Boat

Jon Boats are flat bottom boats manufactured for easy maneuverability in shallow water. The most used material for construction is aluminum, making them lightweight and durable for fishing and hunting. What kind of paint do you use on an aluminum boat? Choose a water-resistant aluminum boat paint that adheres to aluminum. Using a sprayer or […]

What to Use on the Deck of My Boat?

Over the lifetime of any boat there will come a time when the deck needs to be renewed. You have a choice of non-skid additives, or paints that already contain a nonskid compound.  A non skid boat deck helps protect the surface as well as the occupants. When looking for a non-skid surface you have […]

Topside Boat Paint Options: What are your choices?

There are many different topside boat paints and qualities, generally, the more you spend the better the results. See the below the waterline paints for water exposure. Blue Water Mega Gloss is affordable and easy to apply and only recommended for above the waterline only. This topside paint works best in very thin coats; see […]

Applying Antifouling Paint to a Pontoon Boat

If you do not have any coatings at all on the bottom of the boat, we suggest to sand the pontoons with 80 grit and then apply Tuff Stuff High Build Epoxy. It is a water tight barrier coat designed for use under the waterline and with aluminum hulls. Tuff Stuff will insure that you protect […]

Bottom Paint Store Customer Reviews

We strive to provide outstanding customer service. The following reviews were collected by Verified Reviews, an independent third party that specializes in the collection, moderation and display of ratings and reviews from actual customers. Below are some of the 5 star reviews from our customers. Amazing fast quick customer service! Wry friendly and they had […]

Sea Hawk Paint Reviews

Customer Reviews of Sea Hawk Paints Sea Hawk Paints is an American manufacturer of premium performance antifouling paints and coatings, dedicated to bringing the highest quality products to boat enthusiasts. Bottom Paint Store is a proud Sea Hawk paints distributor, and we have received a lot of Verified Reviews from actual customers using Sea Hawk […]

What Products Do I Use to Paint a Livewell?

A livewell is a tank found on many fishing boats that is used to keep bait and caught fish alive. It works by pumping fresh water from the surrounding body into the tank, as well as keeping the water aerated. Most live wells on boats are made of fiberglass and usually coated with gelcoat. For […]

Painting an Aluminum Hull with Non Antifouling Paint

When painting a boat used for hunting/fishing, such as a Jon Boat, typically a flat finish is desired so you’ll want to use one of our camouflage paints. A primer coat is used to help the paint adhere to the aluminum surface and provides an extra layer of protection from corrosion. You may also use  […]

Interlux paint reviews

Interlux Paint Reviews

Interlux, a division of AkzoNobel, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performance boat paint, yacht coatings and marine protection. high performance boat paint, yacht coatings and marine protection. For over a hundred years, the Interlux brand has been creating the most innovative coating solutions to protect, beautify and improve the performance of all […]

Aluminum Hull Repairs and More

How to Fix a Leaking Seam or Rivet on Aluminum Boat As aluminum boats age they show various signs of wear and tear. One of these signs may be a leaking seam or rivet. Over time, rivets can stretched and loosen, causing a gap in the hull integrity and this results in a leak. The […]